What are the benefits of implementing energy analytics for a company?


I am looking into collecting data about energy usage in my company? What types of data can be collected and how can I use that data to improve my company overall?


Hi Mary!

The data that a good energy analytics tool allows you to upload are basically all the energy related ones. This includes not only gas, water and power consumptions, but also key parameters that can have influence on your energy usage, such as the temperature on the given site, the HDD/CDD and the company’s KPI.

The benefits of implementing an energy analytics tool are many, here are some of them:
First of all, the task of monitoring energy consumptions in order to avoid wastage or to detect failures is automatically fulfilled by the software, saving a lot of time and effort from the energy manager.

Furthermore, it allows to better allocate the consumption by telling exactly when and where they were generated, which makes it easier to locate inefficiencies and it is also helpful for accounting purposes.

If managed with expertise then, the availability of a precise set of energy related data can really make the difference for a company, since it allows to set the guidelines for its energy policies, to set up measures for reducing costs and enhance the performances, to measure the impact of said measures and policies, to improve the behavior of the energy users by making them more conscious.