What is the actual benefit of being ISO50001 certified?


I am an energy manager looking into the ISO50001 certification. We have already implemented some saving solutions and user engagement in our company. Is there any other tangible benefits offered by this certification?


Hello Sinead,

From the name you may be Irish. In Ireland, there is a popular certification body called CertificationEurope which provides a list of the benefits of being ISO50001 certified.

As you have implemented saving solutions for your company, most likely you are ahead of the curve against your competitors, which is great. However, the energy management sector is vibrant and in continuous evolution.

The certification will provide a great knowledge of how you can further improve your company’s efficiency and maintain those savings. Beside this, it would improve your CV, your company corporate and social responsibility and image.

Essentially, the ISO will put a sigil that you have raised the bar demonstrating that you have been improved your company energy performance.

I hope I have been of help.